Larnaca's Port and Marina development is taking shape with a new major investment player

A new major development and investment player in the European and global real estate market, the German listed company Aroundtown SA, which operates as a major player in the field of investment in high value real estate for commercial use including developments concerning tourism industry, is coming to Larnaca.

Aroundtown SA has received the approval from the Republic of Cyprus for its shareholding in the venture Kition Ocean Holdings, which has undertaken the grand project of developing the Port and Marina of Larnaca.

In particular, the combination of the development of the Port and Marina by Kition Ocean Holdings, with the other land developments that are in progress in town, as well as the fact that Larnaca is the main International Airport of Cyprus, make the city as a center of attraction international investments, which for the first time show interest in Larnaca, but also in Cyprus in general.