Non-Europeans and Permanent Residence in Cyprus - European Union




Reasons for acquiring a Permanent  Residence


There are many advantages in obtaining a Permanent Residence  Permit (PR) in Cyprus. Once a PR is granted by the Civil  Registry   and Migration    Department   of the  Ministry   of  Interior, the holder  of such  permit  is  automatically   allowed  to  move  to Cyprus permanently,   stay in Cyprus  for  an indefinite   period  of time  and travel  in and out  of Cyprus any time  he wishes with no restrictions   whatsoever,   avoiding  all time-consuming     migratory   formalities  before the Consulate/Embassy   of Cyprus in his Country.


Also,  according  to Cyprus Immigration   Policy of the Aliens  and Immigration  Regulations   in Cyprus, dependants  of the  P.R.  applicant  may also  be included  to the  PR   application   of the applicant.  The applicant   is usually   the  leader   of the  family  as long  as he can prove  that  he has the financial   ability  to support  their  stay in Cyprus.  Dependants  include  the spouse of the applicant  and children  under the age of 18,  or children  between  the ages of 18-  25 provided that  they  are  students  or the  elder  parents  of the  applicant   and  his/her   spouse.   The  PR permit  will  still remain valid  even after  the  PR holder turns  25 years old and even if he is  no longer single and/or  a  student  and/or  financially  dependant  on his parents.   It is understood that  the adult  child's future  husband   and/or  children  will  not be entitled  to obtain the  PR.


There   are  different    categories    and  procedures   that   apply   to   different    cases   of   non- Europeans   who  wish  to  acquire  a Permanent   Residence    Permit   (PR)   in  Cyprus   and  many reasons to do so.


The  most common  category   is Category    F, which  refers  to  the  Standard   Procedure  of the Permanent  Residence   Permit.  However,  recently  a  new  Fast  +Track procedure  has  came in force,  according to the  decision  of the Minister    of Interior  of Cyprus on 22/08/2012,  which  is known  as the  Regulation    6(2)  Procedure.    The regulation    6(2) has been  recently  amended according   to  an  announcement    of  the  Minister   of  Interior    dated   02/02/2016.    By  these amendments   many  of the  uncertainties    of  the  previous    announcements     are   now  cleared and  many  changes  have been  introduced   so the  Regulation    is  now  more  attractive   and convenient  for the potential  applicants.


The PR is mainly directed  to the Non-Europeans  who wish to live in Cyprus permanently   with their  families  and have the financial   ability to support   their  family  without  working  in Cyprus, since the  PR gives  to the applicant  and his  family the  right to live in Cyprus,  but does not give them  the  right  to  work  in Cyprus.   However,   the  Ministry    of  Interior  have recently   decided that  holders  of  a  PR  according  to  the  Regulation  6(2) procedure   are nlonger  obliged  to actually  emigrate  and live permanently   in Cyprus. If they do not wish to do sothey  have the obligation  to visit  Cyprus  within  one (1)  year from  the approval  date and then  at least once every two (2)  years.


If  a Non-European    decides   to  live  with  his family,   if any,  in Cyprus  permanently,     before acquiring   a PR,  he  has to apply for a Temporary  Residence   Permit,  so  that  they can  all  stay  in Cyprus  longer than  a standard  tourist  visa,  under a legal  status.


The  Procedure  under   Regulation    6(2)



The  procedure   under   Regulation   6(2)  is much  easier,    quicker   and  it addresses  to  applicants with  specific  financial   criteria.   If the  applicant   does  not  meet  the  criteria,   then   his application for   P.R.  under   the   Regulation    6(2)  will  not   be  accepted,     but   he  can  still  apply   under   the standard   procedure    (Category   F). The  examination     of the  Regulation   6(2) procedure  takes   up to          two          (2)         months           from          the          day          it         is           submitted          and even   if the   applicant    meets   the  criteria   of the   list given,  the  application    is usually  accepted, the   Ministry   of  Interior   has  the   absolute    discretion    to  reject   the   application,    especially   for reasons    related    to  the   truthfulness   of  the   statements    of the   applicant,    the   authenticity     of the  documents   provided   and  reasons   of national   safety.


List of necessary    documents   for  PR applications   under   Regulation    6(2).



1. Relevant   Application    Form  MIPl.   (This is a form  which  must  be signed   by the  applicant)



2. Copy of Valid  Passport  of applicant  and  all the   dependents   of the  applicant.



3.  Curriculum    Vitae   (C.V.)  for   the    applicant     and   his   spouse.    This  is  a  short    Biography through    which  the  applicant   will introduce    himself   and  summarize    his work  and  academic qualifications,                 his   marital    and    personal     status,     education,      occupation      and    business activities,    hobbies   and  reasons   for  residency   to  Cyprus.   It  is always   better   the   C.V.  to  be accompanied           by supporting    documents  such  as  University  Diplomas,   Degrees   if any.


4.   A Confirmation     letter   from   a  Cypriot   Bank  stating    that   the   applicant   has  deposited   a minimum    capital   of €30.000,=   in a  Fixed  Deposit   Account   which   will be pledged  at  least for a three  (3) year  period  and the  Original Bank Statements. This very important  clause is that  this amount  must be proven to be transferred from abroad.


5,  Proof  of a  secured and  sufficient   income  generated  from  legitimate source/sources abroad.  This is one  of the  most  important   parameters that  the  Applicant must  fulfill in order to obtain  a PR. The Applicant signs a declaration  by which he declares that  he has a secured  and stable annual  income  from abroad,  high enough  to give him and  his family a decent  living in Cyprus, without  having to  engage  to any trade  or profession  within the Republic  of  Cyprus.  The  declaration    must   be  accompanied    by  all  the   documents, evidence,  proof  etc,  proving what  is stating  in the  declaration,  such as work certificate from employer,  dividend certificate  and certificate  of shareholder in case the  applicant  is a shareholder in  a company,  bank statements and  in general  any proof  of any  kind of income.


All the  above  documents must  be  officially translated  into  the  English language  and notarized.


According  to  the  procedure   under   Regulation  6(2), the  Applicant's   and  his spouse's yearly  income  must  be  at  least  €30.000,=  plus  at  least  €5 .000,= for each  dependent child  plus  at  least  €8.000,=  for  each  dependent  parent   of  the  applicant and/or   his spouse.


6. Sales Agreement of the  purchase of immovable  property in Cyprus of minimum  market value   of €300.000,=   plus  VAT and  receipts of  payment of  at  least  €200.000,=.  The contract  must  be  stamped   with  the  stamp   duty  and  deposited at  the  Land Registry


Department.   Also,  the  amount   paid  must  be  proven  to  have  been  transferred   from abroad.

For the  purpose  of  implementing   this  policy,  the  applicant   may  purchase  up  to  two

housing  units  (apartments   or houses) which  might  be independent,  or one housing  unit and a shop of a surface of up to 100 sq.m., or a housing unit and an office  of a surface of up to 250 sq.m.,  provided  that  the total  market  value €300.000,=.  In the case of a couple, these restrictions  apply for the couple and not for each of the persons involved.

The  said  purchase  must  be  in relation   to  a  dwelling  (and  the  combinations  described above) sold for the first time  by a development company.


7. Official   Statement that   the  applicant   and  his  spouse  do  not  intent   to  work  or  to  be engaged in any form  of business in Cyprus. This is a standard  form  that the Applicant  and his spouse must sign.


8. Clear Criminal  Record Certificate   for  the  Applicant   and  his spouse. This Certificate  must be officially  translated   in the  English Language, notarized  and then  authenticated  by the Ministry  of Foreign Affairs  of the  country  which  issued the  certificate   and then  stamped by the  Embassy of Cyprus in the  country  or any other  European  Embassy in  the  country which  issued the certificate.


9. Marriage  Certificate.   This Certificate  must be officially  translated  in the English Language, notarized  and then  authenticated  by the  Ministry  of Foreign Affairs  of the country  which issued the certificate   and then  stamped  by the  Embassy of Cyprus in the  country  or any other  European Embassy in  the country  which issued the certificate.


10. Birth  certificate of the  Applicant's   children.  This Certificate  must  be officially  translated in the  English Language,  notarized   and  then  authenticated  by the   Ministry   of  Foreign Affairs  of the  country  which  issued the  certificate   and then  stamped  by the  Embassy of Cyprus in the  country  or any other   European  Embassy in the  country   which  issued the certificate.


11. Health  Insurance  in Cyprus for the  Applicant,   his wife,  children  and elder  parents.  The medical  insurance  is required  by the  Civil Registry and  Migration   Department   of Cyprus, so that  the applicant  and his family  may cover any medical  expenses during  their  stay in Cyprus without   burdening  the Public Health System.




Provided that  the above  criteria  are fulfilled   and no further   questions  arise with  respect  to the Criminal  Record of the applicant  for  purposes of national  safety,  the application  shall be examined  by the  Minister  of Interior  in a positive  spirit  and the  Immigration   Permit shall be granted.  It  is estimated  that  when  applying  the  procedure  described  above, the  period  for examination  of the application,  is up to two  (2) months.


The Immigration   Permit  will not  be cancelled  provided  that  the applicant  will visit  Cyprus at least one (1) time  every two  (2) year period,  provided  that  the  applicant  and his spouse do not  work  in Cyprus and provided  that  the  applicant  does not  sell the  property he owns  in Cyprus without   replacing it immediately  with  another one of same or higher value.


The Immigration   Permit issued to an applicant  covers his spouse and children  under the age of  18.  Unmarried   or  married   children  of  ages between   18  - 25  provided   that   they  are financially   dependent   on  the   applicant   and  provided   that   are  students,   may  submit  separate  application   to   obtain  a  P.R ..  In such a case, the  father   or  mother   and/or   both parents   together    must  present   an  additional   annual  income   of  €5.000  for   every  such dependent   child. Such a PR  shall be valid  "for  so long".  The PR  permit  will still  remain valid even  after  the  PR  holder  turns  25 years  old  and  even  if he  is no  longer  single  and/or   a student  and/or  financially  dependant  on his parents.  It is understood   that  the adult  child's future  husband and/or  children  will  not be entitled  to obtain  the  PR.


An immigration   permit  may also be granted  to children  of the applicant  over the age of 18, who  are not financially  dependent  on the  applicant,  provided  that  the  market  value of the acquired  property  attributed   to each such child is at least €300.000,=   (excluding V.A.T.), e.g. in  the   event   the  applicant   has a  child  that   is  30  years  old  and  wishes  to   obtain   an immigration    permit,   the  applicant   must  purchase  a   property   valued  at  €600.000,   if the applicant  has two  (2) adult  children,  financially  independent,  he must purchase  a  property valued  at  €900.000  etc.  Jn  such  an event  a confirmation    of  payment  for  the  66% of  the market  value  of the  property   must  be submitted   with  the  application   (e.g. €400.000  for  a property   of  a  market  value  of  €600.000).  Provided  that  in  such an event  each child  shall submit  the  necessary  documentation  with  his application   (e.g. secured  annual  income  of

€30.000,  a  deposit  in a  financial  institution   in Cyprus amounting  to €30.000, which  is bound for 3 years).


Note: The applicant and his/her dependents need to be physically presented either during the submission of the application or at the time of the approval as from

08/02/2016  the  P.R. Approvals are given in a form  of digital ID cards for each

member  of the  applicant's family.  This means that  the  applicant and his/her dependents need to  give fingerprints,  digital photo  and digital sample of their signature to the  Ministry in order for  the ID cards to  be prepared within  (10) working days.


The standard  procedure  under  Category  F



According   to   the   standard   procedure   under   category   F   of  the   Aliens  and   Migration Regulations, the applicant  during this procedure  has to  prove that  he has the financial  ability to provide  to him and his family  a decent way of living in Cyprus, without   working  in Cyprus. And  during  this  procedure   it  is  taken  into  serious  consideration  if the  applicant   with  his family  really  wish  to  live  in  Cyprus  permanently    and  whether   they  have already  moved here,   under  the  Temporary   Residence  status.  We  have  prepared   a  detailed   list  of  the documents  required  for this specific category, with  detailed  explanation.  The examination  of this specific  procedure  takes up to twelve  (12) months.


List of necessary documents   for  PR applications    under  Category (F)


1.      Relevant  Application   form.


2.     Copy of Valid  Passport.


3.       Copy of the  temporary  residence  permit   (if  any).   If the  applicant  wishes to  actually move to Cyprus permanently, or just stay in Cyprus longer that  the travel visa, the issue of a temporary   residence from  the Immigration   Department  is necessary.


4.     C.V. Curriculum  Vitae for the applicant  and his spouse.


5.     Proof of a secured  and sufficient   income generated  from  legitimate   sources abroad.