Larnaca's news- Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) is based in Larnaca, was founded in 2019 and operates as a Center of Excellence for maritime and marine research, innovation and technological development. CMMI is a non-profit organization equivalent to a public body and with the status of a contracting authority.

It has ten Research and Innovation Centers, dealing with -among others- issues of marine engineering, marine robotics, digital transformation, carbon sequestration, marine monitoring, marine and coastal ecosystems, marine marine policy and marine policy.

The Institute's vision is to transform Larnaca into a European research and education hub for a sustainable blue economy. CMMI is an integral part of the Larnaca community and a key factor in achieving the city's strategic goals, contributing to local development and job creation for young people in Cyprus.

Since its inception, the Institute has grown rapidly, employing 28 people with a program to reach 40 scientists-researchers by April 2022. 

Another milestone for the Institute was the recent completion of the design of its new state-of-the-art building in its area. Mackenzie, with its completion expected by 2024.