Fuel Tanks Demolition in Larnaca



Hellenic Petroleum; the first company, has begun dimoliting its oil reservoirs along Dekelia Road- Livadia.  

For many years, the City's Majors have fought for the right to dismantle the oil storage tanks, which even though it has brought work in the city but never stoped from being a danger to nature and humans' health on other hand. Once the refinery was closed in 2004, in order to take advantage of its space an oil storage was created there.

'Taking into account the prospects after the removal of hazardous and harmful production facilities, the territory will acquire great importance for the further development of the city as a whole. The area should become a modern business and multifunctional center of Larnaca, which will strengthen and complement the urban center, acquire the dynamism it deserves as a coastal city and the air and sea gateway to the island,' said Vyras.

Therefore the land with its coastal side along Dekelia Road, will be used for development.