Useful information about Brexit

European Commission:
EC Communication “Getting ready for changes” - Communication on readiness at the end of the transition period between the EU and the UK (July 2020);
➢ EC BREXIT Readiness Checklist for companies doing business with the UK (August 2020);
➢ EC - Sector-specific Stakeholder preparedness notice published as Readiness notices;
➢ DG TAXUD - BREXIT Checklist for traders (July 2020) - SMEunited participates in this awareness raising activities, to inform SMEs across Europe;
➢ DG TAXUD - BREXIT ‒ How to get ready for the end of the transition period guide for businesses (July 2020);
➢ DG TAXUD List of National contact points or websites dedicated to UK Withdrawal-related information;
➢ DG TAXUD - UK withdrawal business Transit scenarios.
UK Government:
Website “Trade with the UK from 1 January as a business based in the EU” (available in EN, DE, FR, IT, SP and PL);
➢ Updated details of the UK Border Operating Model which provides more detail on how the GB-EU border will work, and the actions that traders, hauliers and passengers need to take.

More detail information: