Special Permits to Entry Cyprus

The Ministry of the Interior announces that the requirement for obtaining a Special Entry Permit to the Republic of Cyprus applies only to persons coming from countries not falling into Categories A and B, in accordance with country categorization based on risk assessment, as these are announced by the Ministry of Health concerning the following cases:

(a)  First degree relatives of persons who reside lawfully in the Republic and/or are economically active in the Republic (husband, children, parents) for purposes of family reunion.

(b) Persons, regardless of nationality, whose arrival in the Republic is necessary for the purpose of implementing public projects or for honouring other important professional commitments. 

Requests for the granting of a Special Entry Permit by the Committee must be submitted on-line through the platform following the relevant link in connection with the Special Entry Permit to the Republic of Cyprus.

In the case where an approval has been obtained for the granting of a Special Entry Permit to the Republic of Cyprus, a password will be sent to you by email, to be used in filing an application for the issue of a CyprusFlightPass through the special internet electronic platform of the Republic of Cyprus.

Given the large volume of applications it is emphasized that the persons wishing to come to Cyprus should make all the necessary arrangements timely in order to obtain all the required approvals and permits with the least delay possible. All those wishing to travel to the Republic of Cyprus are urged to obtain the required special entry permit first before making travel arrangements with airline companies.