To buy ready home or a plot to build


A) Buying a house

You save time and energy 

An excellent opportunity to move in at the same time. Usually it will take some time just to make some changes, may be an extention for extra space or renovation that you know you need at the time.  But still you will likely to take the quicker option of a ready to move into home.

The grounds and damages will be seen

For a house, or an apartment that has been established over the years you can see the property's foundations and damp.  Also for outdoor space that has been matured over the years or its swimming pool damages. 

You know your neighbours 

Buying an establised house or an apartment that everything around has been sold then by asking the seller for their neighbours then you can know who lives around.  Usually this is a good thing for a block of flats because you will know if all the others owners care for their property and the block of apartments.

Centralised property 

If you are looking for a central property then it will be a resale one.  This is because in the heart of cities then it is usually ready built properties since plots are established and built.  

B)The benefits of buying a plot

The design and specifications you need

You will take taking the time and effort to design it, do your research and asking around. The design and specifications will be excatly as you need and would like. Also most as time goes by there are new technologies which can be used and neded. You will put every detail you want and need without waisting the effort to renovate.  

Everything is brand new

Everything is new, you will be the first ones to use them but most importantly you will have the quarantees from the sellers.  


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